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SRS (Southern Research Society) Paranormal was founded in 2007. SRS Paranormal is dedicated to seeking the truth and the preservation of history.  We use the latest technology with advanced techniques, spiritualist methods, and psychic readings of the locations to validate or disprove the claims and experiences at each location.  Our approach is unique, SRS researches all aspects of each location with the understanding that every site has its own historical relevance and energy.  The SRS team includes investigators, psychic mediums, a historian, a case manager, and a photo analyst. SRS uses a methodical approach and instruments to record how the environment changes and what occurs during the phenomena. 

Our psychic mediums’ uncanny ability to connect with spirits using their gifts and spiritual techniques help provide answers to whom and what is communicating.  Documenting these experiences and paranormal activity adds another layer to the research that SRS conducts. Providing cross-validation techniques within our team from both sides of the paranormal spectrum is unprecedented, groundbreaking, and may lead to great advancements in the paranormal field.

SRS has visited many of the most notoriously haunted locations in America, conducting investigations and researching of the paranormal phenomena, including Brushy Mountain Prison, the infamous Hinsdale House, Wildwood Sanatorium, W.A. Stuart House, Lizzie Borden House, Rohs Opera House, and many other locations. SRS often takes on private cases to help those experiencing unexplained activity in their homes or businesses. Additionally, SRS has hosted several public investigations at historic sites around the Tri-Cities, including Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site in Johnson City, TN and The Old Deery Inn in Blountville, TN.  We have also hosted investigations at our home base, The Nickerson Snead House Museum in Glade Spring, VA.  Come with the Southern Research Society and search for the truth of who or what still haunts our world.

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Meet the Team


Matthew Sorge, Founder

Raised in a traditional Catholic family he was drawn to the family business following in his brother’s footsteps. Matthew became a Professional Firefighter in 1994 and for over two decades has had the honor of helping others in their time of need. After an unexplained paranormal encounter, he became compelled to seek the truth. Matthew had an overly healthy skepticism towards paranormal phenomena, determined to prove it is people which cause these unexplained events, not the supernatural. He began his quest for answers of the unknown and unexplained which, quickly grew from an interest into a passion for paranormal research. His love of history and being an avid metal detectorist and relic recovery expert for well over a decade provides him the opportunity to blend skill sets for a unique approach to paranormal research. He brings a tech savvy, analytical and methodical approach to his research and the team, driven to find answers. Nearly fourteen years of investigation has left Matthew with more questions than answers, this only fuels his passion to seek the truth. He is always ready for an adventure along with an interest in photography and videography; Matthew is always prepared and ready to document whatever is happening. A dedicated family man who resides in East Tennessee, loves spending time with his family, studying paranormal theory, metal detecting and preserving history for future generations… Follow Matthew on his social media Facebook:@matthewsorgesrs, Instagram:@matthewsorge_srs , and Twitter:@matthewsorgesrs ss here.


Kevin King, Lead Investigator

 Born and raised in East Tennessee Kevin became interested in paranormal research and has been conducting independent private investigations for over a decade. Having the opportunity to travel and investigate all over the United States allowed Kevin to gain some valuable insight and experience; making him an invaluable asset for SRS Paranormal. He joined the team in 2017 at the suggestion of his longtime friend Al James. Kevin felt his skills were a natural fit to the methodical-based approach used by the team. He is task oriented and has an analytical mindset which makes him a focused investigator with an uncanny ability to connect with spirits. He has taken a special interest in ITC(Instrumental-Trans-Communication) research. Kevin is married with three children and owns and operates a Biotech-Research facility and is a well-respected industry leader in his field. He began his career path as a paramedic and worked with local fire/rescue and EMS for many years. Kevin always enjoyed the opportunity to help others and that has continued throughout his career and personal life. He appreciates being able to connect with people searching for answers and enjoys spending his free time with family, traveling, skiing, and visiting historic and haunted locations. Follow Kevin on his social media Facebook:@paraksrs 


Al James, Case Manager/Investigator

 Born and raised in Sullivan County Tennessee, Al’s love of the paranormal goes back to early childhood. Although, Al never experienced any notable paranormal encounters growing up, his love and interest in the paranormal never waned. From a young age Al read every book he could find about spirits and hauntings. Al’s childhood curiosity grew into a passion that lead Al to raise questions and theories on what causes paranormal occurrences and a desire to seek answers. He accepted the request of longtime friends and co-founders of SRS Paranormal in 2015 to join the team. Despite his passion for the paranormal Al began his investigative career as a hard-core skeptic. Throughout his research with the team, his opinions have slowly evolved in the fact that he now knows some things simply cannot be explained away. His exceptional organizational skills and skeptical nature make him ideal for the position of Case Manager. Al is a Professional Firefighter and has been for over 24 years, he began serving his community as a Volunteer Firefighter at age 17. In his spare time, he enjoys golf, is an avid poker player, and although he humbly refutes this claim he is talented at woodworking. Follow Al on his social media Facebook:@aljamessrs 


Dr. Ronda Caudill, Lead Psychic Medium

 Ronda L. Caudill, PhD is a writer, publisher, psychic, tasseographer, Reiki Master, and owner of the haunted Nickerson Snead House in Glade Spring, VA. Coming from a long line of psychically gifted women and healers whose lineage comes from Ireland and Scotland, as well as, having Cherokee roots in the Appalachian Mountains (and including an ancestor who was tried as a witch during the Salem Witch Trials). She is also a sensitive, having had paranormal experiences her entire life. She began communing with the dead at the age of 18 and began tea leaf reading at the age of 19. Ronda has also practiced mirror scrying, table tipping, using dowsing rods, pendulums and spirit boards for over thirty years. Considering herself a spiritualist, these are the tools she is comfortable with. These same tools and methods were used during the Victorian period. Ronda's friendship with members of SRS lead to collaboration on numerous projects and cases which opened a door to a new method of research. When SRS decided to expand our vision, Ronda was the clear choice to fill the role of Lead Psychic Medium/Spiritualist Investigator. Ronda accepted our request to join SRS in 2019. Follow Ronda on her social media Facebook:@rondacaudillphd, Instagram:caudillronda 


Nikita Foxx Boggs, Psychic Medium/Investigator

 Nikita Foxx Boggs holds a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from Emory and Henry College and is currently working on her master’s degree in veterinary biomedical science. She is a psychic medium coming from a long line of psychically gifted women, including Celtics, Native Americans, and an accused witch during the Salem Witch Trials. She has long been in tune with the spirit world, communicating with the dead since childhood. Nikita is gifted in psychometry, Psychometry is the ability to hold a physical object and getting information from it pertaining to past owners of the object. Nikita has the ability to use psychometry to receive messages from spirits connected to an object and relay these messages to the client. In late 2018 SRS began working with Nikita on some joint projects and cases. Nikita accepted our request to join SRS in 2019 as a Psychic Medium/ Spiritualist Investigator. Follow Nikita on her social media Facebook:@nikitafoxboggssrs 


Khristina Bowen, Photographic Analyst Expert/ Investigator

 Khristina hails from North Florida originally and moved to East Tennessee in 2001. Her passion for the paranormal began as a young girl after she had several personal experiences that she could not explain. She sought out every avenue of research available. Khristina began studying photography in the 1980s and upon her move to East Tennessee, launched her professional photography career. It was only natural that her dedication to paranormal research and photography would merge and in 2006 she became a photo analyst for T.A.P.S (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) where she would serve for many years. She exhausts any possible explanations when analyzing photos which include considering environmental conditions, mechanical irregularities, and even psychological interpretation. Her approach to paranormal research has evolved over the past 15 years to combine time-honored techniques, as well as, cutting edge technology. In her spare time, she volunteers her photography for dog rescues and animal shelters to aid in locating their fur-ever home. Khristina resides in the Tri-Cities with her husband and enjoys spending time with her family. Khristina worked with SRS as a guest Investigator, her drive and energy were a natural fit. In 2019 she accepted SRS's request to join. Follow Khristina on her social media Facebook:@khristinabowenSRS, Instagram: @khristinabowen 


Michelle Woods, Investigator


  • Michelle was raised on a farm in a small town in East Tennessee. She and her family were active in their small Methodist country church. She graduated from ETSU with a degree in Health Sciences/Microbiology. She also has a Medical Technology certification from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She has worked in the medical laboratory field for 20 years. She became interested in the paranormal after experiencing some unexplained occurrences and activity over several years, while residing in an older home. She hopes to combine her love of science with paranormal research/investigation to find answers to explain the unexplained. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, camping, and spending time with family and friends. In 2019 SRS asked Michelle to come on as an Investigator Trainee, her energy and genuine interest in researching the paranormal made her an ideal candidate for the team's expansion. Follow Michelle on her social media Facebook:@michellewoodssrs

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